UPSC Psychology Syllabus For IAS Mains 2023, Download Paper 1 & 2 PDF

UPSC Psychology Syllabus 

Psychology is one of the UPSC’s optional subjects for the civil services mains exam. The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, particularly those affecting behaviour in a given context, is defined as psychology. The perplexing aspect of psychology is that it is classified as a natural science, a social science, and a life science. This makes studying and writing answers for the UPSC a risky proposition. However, with focused study and the right guidance, this optional can be aced, as many past toppers have demonstrated. Check the complete UPSC Psychology Syllabus in this article for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

UPSC Psychology Optional Syllabus Paper I

The syllabus for Psychology optional Syllabus Paper I is given below:

UPSC Psychology Optional Syllabus Paper II

The syllabus for Psychology optional Syllabus Paper II is given below:


The UPSC has a list of optional subjects that covers 48 different disciplines, including Psychology. The UPSC created the Psychology syllabus for the UPSC exam to evaluate applicants’ scientific understanding of the subject. How they can use their subject-matter expertise to address the issue of people is another consideration.

Is Psychology a good Optional Subject for IAS?

Psychology is an elective subject that can help you prepare for the IAS exam. However, Psychology as an optional for UPSC has both positives and negatives, just like any other optional for the IAS exam. If you are undecided about psychology as an optional subject for the UPSC mains, you can review the list of pros and cons provided below. Following that, you should evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses before reaching a decision. Remember that any optional has Merits and Demerits. Your approach to studying and your interest in the subject will determine your fate.

Psychology Optional General Tips

Stick to a few books that cover about 95% of the syllabus for this optional. Try not to read ten different books and become overwhelmed. Some of the answers in this optional can also be written using your intuition. NCERTs are essential for this subject, especially if you are studying psychology for the first time. It is recommended that you complete the entire psychology syllabus at least once before your prelims exam. Also, revise using the same sources.

You must be careful not to write answers in the manner of the GS papers. Sometimes the questions are similar to GS questions, but in the optional, you must write as if you are a specialist.

It is also critical to establish connections between the topics covered in the syllabus. For example, you can use memory, learning, intelligence, motivation, and other concepts from Paper I to write answers in Paper II (which deals with applied psychology).

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