Maths Formulas | Class 6 to Class 12

Maths Formulas

Maths Formulas are created by expert teachers from latest edition books. Basic Maths formulas enables students to complete the syllabus in a unique do-learn-do pattern of study.

  • These mathematical formulas helps students:
  • Improve Score in Board Exams and Entrance Examinations.
  • Makes Complete Preparation easy on time.
  • Helps you in making revision
  • Mind Maps and Tables Helps you to Memories easily.
  • Know their strengths and weaknesses in Mathematics formula
  • Math Formulas are indispensable for students preparing for competitive Exams and Board Exams.
  • Math formula empower students for hands-on practice and help them to score high both in-class exams and boards.

Maths Formulas | Class 6 to Class 12
Maths Formulas | Class 6 to Class 12
  1. Maths formulas for Class 12
  2. Maths formulas for Class 11
  3. Maths formulas for Class 10
  4. Maths formulas for Class 9
  5. Maths formulas for Class 8
  6. BODMAS Rule

Root Maths Formulas
Square Root :
If x2 = y then we say that square root of y is x and we write √y = x
So, √4 = 2, √9 = 3, √36 = 6
Cube Root:
The cube root of a given number x is the number whose cube is x.
we can say the cube root of x by 3√x
√xy = √x * √y
√x/y = √x / √y = √x / √y x √y / √y = √xy / y.
Fractions Maths Formulas
What is fraction ?
Fraction is name of part of a whole.
Let the fraction number is 1 / 8.
Numerator : Number of parts that you of the top number(1)
Denominator : It is the number of equal part the whole is divided into the bottom number (8).
We hope the Maths Formulas for Class 6 to Class 12, help you. If you have any query regarding Class 6 to Class 12 Maths Formulas, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.
FAQs on Maths Formulas
1. What is the best way to memorize Math Formulas?
The best way to remember math formulas to learn how to derive them. If you can derive them then there is no need to remember them.
2. How to learn Mathematics Formulas?
Don’t try to learn the formula try learning the logic behind the formula and intuition behind it.
3. What is Math Formula?
Generally, each kind of maths has a formula or multiple formulas that help you work out a particular thing, whether it’s geometry, statistics, measurements, etc.
4. Is it necessary to know how does a math formula work?
It is indeed necessary to understand and be able to solve equations, either if you want to work as a mathematician, or any other field using mathematics, or if you want to be a math teacher or a teacher in a field that uses math.

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