Class 12 English Answer key, Question Papers Set 1 & 3 2023

Class 12 English Answer key 2023

Class 12 English Answer Key 2023: The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) has scheduled the  English elective and core exams will both take place on February 24, 2023. The examination will be held between 10:30 to 01:30.

Here we will provide you the unofficial Class 12 English Answer key  just after the completion of the examination. Class 12 English Answer key is error-free and all the answers of Class 12 English Answer key 2023 are designed by the experts of Adda247. The students can match their responses with the Class 12 English Answer key 2023 and can calculate their marks. Go through the whole article and bookmark this page to get the CBSE Class 12 English Answer key 2023 .

Class 12 English Answer key, Question Papers Set 1 & 3 2023_40.1

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Check: CBSE Class 12 English Syllabus

Class 12 English Answer key 2023

CBSE Class 12 English Question Papers 2023

Here we have provided the CBSE Class 12 English Question Papers 2023 of all three sets. Candidates may download Class 12 English Question Papers and analyze the Class 12 English Answer key to calculate their expected scores.

Class 12 English Core Analysis

According to the initial feedback on the CBSE English analysis, the paper was moderate, balanced, and in accordance with expectations. The paper was simple, but the literature component was difficult. The literature section appeared to be quite lengthy. Several of the passage-related questions can be a little challenging. based on the responses of several students. They eventually struggled to finish the assignment and had to write shorter replies.

Class 12 English Elective Analysis

The CBSE Class 12 English Elective paper was moderately tough overall. also somewhat lengthy. Section A and the grammar portion of Section B were reportedly the easiest sections. The writing skills section scored moderately. Fiction and literature were easy.

Class 12 English Answer key 2023 

The CBSE Class 12 English Exam is concluded at 01:30 P.M.  Here we will provide the Class 12 English Answer key 2023 as soon as possible. The Class 12 English Question paper has three sections: Reading, Writing, and Literature.

Class 12 English Answer key, Question Papers Set 1 & 3 2023_50.1

CBSE Class 12 English Answer key Set 1 & 2 2023 

CBSE Class 12 English Core Exam 2023 Answer Key (Set-3)

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below:

  • Complete the sentence by choosing an appropriate option.

The author complained that his friends _____ .

  1. Consumed only Flora classics.
  2. Were not aware of different forms of coffee.
  3. Were severely addicted to drinking coffee.
  4. Considered Coco gold as premium coffee.

Answer: (b) Were not aware of different forms of coffee

  •  Select an option that conveys the same meaning as ‘energiser’ from words used in paragraph 3.

(a) bland
(b) mature
(c) antioxidant
(d) stimulants
Answer: (d) stimulants

  • Comment on the writer’s reference to the unique feature of coffee plant. (paragraph 2)

Answer: Coffee plant produces a chemical known as caffeine that acts as a natural pesticide.

  •  Complete the given sentence with an appropriate inference with respect to the following:

Fats and carbohydrates turn into essential oils leading to _____ .

Answer: Fats and carbohydrates turn into essential oils leading to the characteristic taste and aroma of coffee beans.

  •  Over extraction does not give a stronger coffee. Based on your understanding of paragraph 6, list one method to get stronger coffee.

Answer: It is determined by the amount of coffee powder used. To make a lighter or stronger coffee, use less or more coffee powder.

  •  The writer would not agree with the given statements based on paragraph five EXCEPT
  1. The burr grinder grinds coffee beans uniformly.
  2. Less surface area makes extraction easier.
  3. Grinding gives stronger aroma.
  4. Good coffee is a mix of smaller and bigger particles.

Answer: 1. The burr grinder grinds coffee beans uniformly.

  •  Comment on the writer’s reference to the interesting phenomenon in paragraph 4.

Answer: The intriguing occurrence highlighted in paragraph 4 is the transformation of a coffee plant’s boring green seed into a flavorful coffee bean.

Why is it fair to say that the right degree of extraction of coffee is important?

Answer: It is fair to say that the right degree of extraction of coffee is important because under extraction will not get all flavours of the coffee as the water runs too quickly on the other hand over extraction will make the coffee bitter.

(x) Select the most suitable title of the above passage.

  1. The Art of Coffee Making
  2. Benefits of Consuming Coffee
  3. Green Coffee – The perfect antioxidant
  4. The Coffee Addict

Answer:  1. The Art of Coffee Making

Question 2: On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below:

(i) Does the following statement agree with the information given in paragraph 1?

The writer believes that very few teens indulge in reading as a pleasurable activity.

Select from the following:
True: if the statement agrees with the information.
False: if the statement contradicts the information.
Not given: if there is no information on this.
Answer: True

  •  Select the option that displays the most likely reason for this research.

In order to find out …..

(a) reading choices of teenagers
(b) digital competency of teenagers.
(c) speed of reading text.
(d) the decline of time spent on traditional media.

Answer: (b) digital competency of teenagers.

  •  Complete the statement based on the following statement:

Traditional media has been replaced by digital media, we can say this because ____.

Answer: because young people today are more dependent on digital media.

  • Do you think that the researchers of study added tenth and eighth graders to the survey deliberately? Support you answer with reference to the text.

Answer: To be updated

  • Complete the given sentence by selecting the most appropriate option:

The concluding sentence of the  text makes a clear case for____ by listing it as a core competency for analysis and application.

(a) following social media
(b) reading long texts
(c) building focus and concentration
(d) developing constructive habits

  • Complete the given sentence by selecting the most appropriate option:

The digital activities that the twelfth-graders indulge in are ____.

(a) texting, gaming, television
(b) texting, gaming, social media
(c) newspaper, books, magazine
(d) television, books, gaming

  •  Complete the sentence appropriately with one/two words:

Teens today hardly read print media for ____. 

  • Based on the reading of the text, state  point to challenge the given statement:

“Time on digital media has displaced time once spent enjoying a book or watching T.V.”

  •  As per Fig. 1, the percentage of people above 50 yrs is ____ the percentage of teenagers using social media.
    (a) greater than
    (b) less than
    (c) equal to
    (d) negligible to
  •  What does the author mean by ‘degrading the time’ in para 6?
    (a) spending less time
    (b) waste of time
    (c) consuming more time
    (d) saving time

Class 12 English Answer key 2023

We have provided the miscellaneous information of the BSE Class 12 English Answer key 2023 here. The students appearing in the CBSE Board Exam 2023 must check the brief information given in the table below: 

CBSE Class 12 Answer Key English 
Exam Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education
Exam & Subject NameCBSE Class 12 English
CategoryAnswer Key
Exam Date24 February 2023
Official BSE Class 12 English Answer key 2023To be notified
Official Website

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English Class 12 Answer Key and Exam Pattern 

We have provided CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2022 with questions on this page so that you can check your answers easily. The exam pattern provided below is based on the sample paper released by the board on its official website. Check the exam pattern of English Core and English Elective given below: 

Exam Pattern of English Core

The Class 12 English Question paper has three sections: Reading, Writing, and Literature.

READING20 marks
WRITING20 marks


Class 12 English Answer key, Question Papers Set 1 & 3 2023_60.1

Previous year Class 12 English Question Papers

Class 12 English Answer Key Previous year

Section A-Reading

Q.1:(i) Why don’t we take the first step towards a good cause?

we do not take the first step towards a good cause because we say to ourselves, “The task is so big. What can I do alone ?” So nothing gets done. There is much talk about environmental protection, air pollution and saving our forests.

(ii) What is a two-uses-attitude?

It is good to adopt a two-uses-attitude! By putting an article to second use, we are giving it a longer lease of life and using up less raw material from nature.

(iii) What can we do to avoid the abuse of paper? (Any two points)

We should avoid the use of paper napkins or paper plates. Cloth napkins are just as good, for they can be washed and used over and over again

(iv) What is the result of an effective way of a garbage disposal?

People who are conscious about it follow rules and laws strictly. As a result, their neighbourhoods are clean and beautiful.

(v) How can the Internet be a powerful tool in spreading environmental awareness?

The Internet is a powerful tool and a group of like-minded people can be formed on social media. People can share environmental stories, and issues as well as pool in solutions and alternatives to educate one another.

(vi) How can the making of garden manure be done as a community project?

It can also be done as a community project by digging a large pit in the colony. Do take help of all the members, for nothing succeeds like co-operation

(vii) How long does it take to make good garden manure? 

Within three or six months, we will have good garden manure.

(viii) Select a suitable word from the passage which means — something in a bad and undesirable way.

Abuse of Paper

(ix) Pick out the word from the passage which means — completely necessary.(Para 3)


Q.2:(i) What does the writer mean by ‘visible source of annoyance’?

Plastic use is nothing but a visible sign of danger for us and our future generations.

(ii) Why did people demand a ban on plastics?

Plastic has become a visible source of annoyance in 1994 after its usage in soft drink bottles. Therefore, people demand a ban on plastics.

(iii) What created a demand for plastics in India?

The massive generation of plastic waste in India is due to rapid urbanisation, spread of retail chains, and plastic packaging from grocery to food and vegetable products, to consumer items and cosmetics.

(iv) What does the line, ‘ocean turn, irreversibly into a thin soup of plastic’, suggest?

The dumping of plastic in the ocean is affecting marine life and also our environment.

(v) What step can be taken to combat the challenges of plastic waste management? What will be its impact?

To formulate robust and inclusive National Action Plans and while doing so, the country will establish greater transparency to combat the plastic jeopardy in a more sustainable and holistic way.

(viii) What does that upward trend of graph indicate?

The upward trend of the graph indicates the increase in demand and supply. If the demand and supply will increase the production will also increase.

Section B- Writing

Q.3: You are Michelle/Michael D’Souza, an eminent educationist. Nav Vihar School, Bengaluru has completed 25 years of commendable service to society. You have received an invitation from the Principal of the school, Nandini Tyagi to attend its Silver Jubilee Celebrations on Sunday, 22 May 2022, at 10:00 a.m. Draft a letter of acceptance in about 50 words, accepting the invitation.

Nandini Tyagi

Principal of Nav Vihar School


18 May 2022

Subject: Letter of acceptance to attend silver jubilee.

Thank you to inviting me to the silver jubilee celebration of Nav Vihar School, Bengaluru. I will surely attend the silver jubilee celebration on 22nd May 2022. I have great pleasure in accepting your invitation and will surely mark my presence.


Michael D’Souza

Q.4: You are Prakriti/Prabhat, a resident of College Road, Bhopal. You see the following advertisement, in the newspaper, for the job of a ‘Marketing Officer in Chaitanya Enterprises, Mumbai. Write an application with detailed bio-data in about 120 – 150 words to the Public Relations Officer of the firm.

Situation Vacant

Chaitanya Enterprises requires an experienced Marketing Officer for its Mumbai branch. 

The applicant must have 

  • in Marketing 
  • 6+ years experience 
  • Additional skills 
  • Effective written and communication skills
  • Thorough understanding of marketing techniques and principles. 
  • Knowledge of MS Office, social media and web analytics

Apply to Sunil Baweja, Public Relations Officer.

College Road


The Public Relations Officer

Sunil Baweja

Chaitanya Enterprises


Subject: Job application for the position of Marketing Officer

In response to your advertisement in The Hindu dated 20 February 2022 I wish to apply for the post of Marketing Officer in your prestigious company.
A brief review of my credentials will confirm my capabilities of achieving the objectives of the organization through effective contributions. I am a B.Sc Graduate with a specialization in Marketing & Finance coupled with an experience of 6 years including 2 years in International Marketing / Business Development and Export operations.
I have been associated with TVS Motor Company as Manager – Sales & Marketing in their Two Wheeler Business, based out of Bhopal.
I am enclosing my bio-data and photocopies of certificates and testimonials for your reference. If selected, I assure you that I shall work with utmost devotion and sincerity to
your full satisfaction.

Yours truly,


Father’s Name:Vikas
Address:College Road, Bhopal
Date of Birth:27th September 1989
Marital Status:Unmarried

Educational Qualification:

B.Sc from C.C.S. University, Meerut (2005‒2008)
Experience:Working a Manager – Sales & Marketing (TVS Motor Company), Bhopal since 2010.
Skills:Excellent communication skills, team player, sincerity, ability to convince and influence people
Languages known:English, Hindi and Spanish
References:1. Mr. P.K.Rajnath
Director, Marketing
TVS Motor Company, Bhopal
2. Mrs. Subharti Singh
Head of Department, Finance
IMT, Noida

Section C – Literature

Q.5: Answer any five out of the six questions given below, within 40 words each:

(i) Why did the peddler derive pleasure from his idea of the world being a Rattrap?

The peddler was very happy with the idea of the world as a rattrap because he was never given kindly treatment by the world. He had quite different feeling for it and loved to think ill of it by comparing it to a rattrap.

(ii) In the Motihari court, what caused the delay in the trial? 

The government was baffled and the prosecutor requested the judge to postpone the trial as they wished to consult their superiors. This was the delay that Gandhi protested against. He read a statement pleading guilt and that he was involved leading to a case of conflict of duties.

(iii) Why are the ‘lovely tales’ called an ‘endless fountain’ in the poem ‘A Thing of Beauty’?

The ‘lovely tales’ are the stories of our ancestors and these celebrate their glory and victory. These tales are referred to as ‘an endless fountain’ because they serves as a constant source of joy and beauty for us. The poet compared these things of beauty to a fountain that is being poured on us from heaven.

(iv) What do you learn about Jack’s childhood in the course of the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’? 

The story raises a moral issue—should parents always decide what the children should do or let the children do what they like to do. There is an evident contrast between an adult’s perspective on life and the world view of a little child.
Jack, the father, defends the behaviour of Roger Skunk’s mother who forced the old wizard to restore the natural but offensive smell to Roger Skunk. He sums up the issue in one sentence: ‘She knew what was right’. As to why the little skunk agreed to her mother’s proposal, Jack says that the little skunk loved his mommy more than he loved all the other little animals. Jack cites an instance. When Roger Skunk was in bed, Mommy Skunk came up, hugged him and said he smelled like her little baby Skunk again and she loved him very much.

(v) How did Derry’s chance meeting with Mr. Lamb prove meaningful for them?

Mr Lamb’s meeting with Derry brings a turning point in the latter’s life. He gives Derry confidence and persuades him to develop a positive attitude towards life. His message to Derry is very clear that alienation and withdrawal is not the solution . Derry believes in running away from people but Mr Lamb lives among people. Derry’s brief association with Mr Lamb proves to be quite rewarding.  Mr Lamb teaches him a new perspective of looking at life, people and things.

Derry decides never to get back to his old habit of seclusion. His burnt face will no longer interfere with his self-respect, poise and confidence. He will gradually learn to find his place in the mainstream of life. Mr Lamb helps Derry rediscover himself and gives a new meaning to his life. Now Derry wants to leave his handicap behind, forge ahead in life and live life of the fullest.

(vi) How did the governor trace down Evan’s location in the story ‘Evans tries an O-Level’?

Evans got into a car as arranged beforehand. It had soap, water, clothes and a map. He removed blood stains from hair, peeled the false beard, changed clothes, put on a smart new hat. Then he drove to the Golden Lion in the middle of Clipping Norton. He was traced in this hotel by the Governor of Oxford Prison following the clues in the German text on the German question paper.

Q.6: Answer any two of the following in about 120 – 150 words each

(i) The tigers’ description as “chivalric’ is a contrast to that of Aunt Jennifer. Explain. 

She made the tigers because they are beasts of prey. They are chivalric and confident and do not fear men, which is totally contrasting with her own nature.‘Denizens’ denotes occupants or citizens and ‘chivalric’ points to fearlessness, honour, bravery and majesty. Tigers are very possessive about their territory. They live on their own terms and fear none, as they regard themselves superior in their own domain, The poet finds similarities between the propensity-of tigers and men.

(ii) How is a thing of beauty a joy forever? Elaborate with reference to the poem.

The phrase “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” means a beautiful object, natural or artificial, makes a person happy for a long time even if its beautify fades, or put into different circumstances. It is always a source of enjoyment, happiness, and pleasure for a person or a group of people.

John Keats used the phrase in his poem ‘Endymion,’ written in 1818 after the closing of the Age of Enlightenment. While British philosopher like Shaftesbury and Hume believed that beauty depends on one’s good moral standards and character. John Keat’s approach was different. He said that beauty is available to anyone who had eyes to see. It is a direct claim that a beautiful thing gives enjoyment to the people. It can be interpreted in different ways.

In 1885, Julia Magruder parodied Keats in her novel, Across the Chasm as “The mud-scraper’, she wrote her mother, in her first letter home, ‘is a thing of beauty, and the coal-scuttle a joy forever.”

(iii) Jack comes across as a loving father and a good storyteller in the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy ?’Comment.

Jack is a very smart father who has an inventive mind of creating stories. The basic line was the same but there was a little variation. Each story described a creature named Roger. He had to manage his family as two children, a daughter Jo and her brother Bobby. The world up stairs in the house consists of his children Jo and Jack. The downside world consists of his wife Clase who is doing the work of painting. Jack is caught in an ugly situation between the romantic world of telling tales to the children and in real world of helping his wife down stairs – Jack is a mature and seasoned person. Even then he tries to serve all in every possible way through his skills, he is a master mind in satisfying the ego of his children. In the story Roger Skunk is the creation of Jack Skunk is a poor little black animal that smelled very bad whenever he goes to play. He can narrate story with the pace and tone of the occasion. Other animals call him “Stinky Skunk”. It feels humiliation and Jo is very unhappy. She feels elated when skunk becomes a good smelling creature. She thinks that Mommy should not hit the wizard but Jack tries to justify what he has done, is the sanctified view. So he has higher level of intelligence than his daughter.

Class 12 English Answer Key 2023: QNA

Q. Where can I get the Class 12 English Answer Key 2022?

On this page, you will get the Class 12 English Answer Key 2023, check your responses with the answer key, and calculate your marks.

Q. What is the subject code of Class 12 English Core?

The subject code of Class 12 English Core is 301.

Q. What is the subject code of the Class 12 English Elective?

The subject code of Class 12 English Elective is 001.



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