CBSE Class 10th English Answer Key 2023

Class 10 English Answer Key 2023

CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2023: The Central Board of Secondary Education has started the CBSE Class 10 Exam 2023 on 15 February 2023. The board will conduct the English exam on 27 February 2023. English is an easy subject that will help you to boost your score. After the conclusion of the exam, the students will rush to find the Class 10 English Answer Key 2023. Our expert faculties of Adda247 have designed the Class 10 English Answer Key 2023. Check the Class 10 English Answer Key 2023 provided on this page. 

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CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2023

The students can crosscheck their responses by the unofficial Class 10 English Answer Key 2023 given on this page. We have provided some miscellaneous information regarding the Class 10 English Answer Key 2023 in the below table:

Class 10 English Answer Key 2023
Exam Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education
Exam & Subject NameClass 10 English Answer Key
CategoryAnswer Key
Exam Date27 February 2023
Unofficial Answer Key27 February 2023
Official Answer KeyTo be notified
Official Website

Class 10 English Answer Key 2023:Exam Pattern

Candidates must know the CBSE Class 10 English exam pattern while analyzing the Class 10 English Answer Key. The Class 10 English question paper is divided into three portions. READING, WRITING, and LITERATURE are all important skills to have. Examine the following mark distribution for the Class 10 English Test exam;

Section A – READING20 marks
Section B -Grammar & Creative writing Skils(10+10) 20 marks
80 Marks

CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key- CBSE Paper Solution 2023

Once the CBSE Class 10 English Exam 2023 will conclude, here we will provide a detailed 100% accurate CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key with question paper analysis as soon as possible. Stay connected with us.

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CBSE Class 10 English Exam Analysis 2023

Here we will provide you with the complete CBSE Class 10 English Exam Analysis 2023 after the conclusion of the exam. In CBSE Class 10 English Exam Analysis 2023, we will cover the difficulty level of the exam, out-of-syllabus questions, and mistakes in the question paper. After completion of the CBSE Class 10 English Exam, the students must match their responses with the Class 10 English Answer Key provided on this page.

CBSE Class 10 English sample paper

Previous year CBSE Class 10 Answer Key Paper code: 2/1/2

Answer 1. (i) sand is a treasure trove as it is a collection of skeletons of marine animals and tiny diamonds, and it is a record of geology’s earth-changing processes.

(ii) It is a pleasure because children play on it and adults relax on it. We praise it when we mold it into a castle. It becomes a pain when it gets in our food.

(iii) man-made materials that contain sand are concrete and glass.

(iv) Sand is larger than fine dust and smaller than shingles. It can be spiral or star-shaped.

(v) white grains are derived from coral outcrops from crystalline quartz of rocks or gypsum.

(iv) The older grains are fine and have smooth edges.

Answer 2. (i) A natural spring occurs when a valley or gully of the mountain the level of the water table may be higher than the Earth’s surface and a natural spring can emerge.

(ii) a deep underground cavity of porous rocks that holds water and beer pressure from a confining layer above it, this water can be accessed if companies drill a water channel down it.

(iii) due to the pressurized nature of this occupier, water will often rise from within and form a flowing artesian well.

(v) for treating pathogens and the impressive Newer option is ultraviolet light powerful you will light has natural antibacterial qualities so this process simply requests water to be subjected to a sufficient strength of UV light as it passes through a treatment chamber the light neutralizes many harmful germs by removing their DNA thereby impending their ability to replicate a particular impressive quality of UV light is its ability to neutralize highly resistant viral agent such as hepatitis. 

Answer 3. To

The manager

 Melody House

 M.G.Road, Agra.

 27 April 2022

Vasant School, 


Respected Ma’am,

I’m the principal of Vasant School, Agra. Keeping in mind the importance of music and its importance for the students we have decided that we are going to start or conduct a new musical department in our school. Therefore we have listed the required instruments for the new musical department.

Name of the InstrumentsQuantity

We have already seen the catalogue and we would like you to give us a good discount as we are purchasing the instruments in bulk. Also, we need timely delivery of the order as we are going to inaugurate the department of music soon. We are going to organize music day in our school on 25th May, therefore we need this order as soon as possible.Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

Amit Kumar


Answer 4. (a)  Noticed

b) at

c) had

Answer 5.a)  to

b) the price of the ticket was 10 rupees

Answer 6. (i) Birth and death are inevitable

ii) Amanda’s mother is scolding her all the time.

iii) Because animals are friendly and loyal

iv) Lomov is 35 years old and he has the disease. He used to feel lonely so he wanted to marry Natalia. Lomov was always having a short-sighted mindset.

v) Quick mind, perseverance, win for the right reason, curious mind, bright nature.

vi) Hack driver was a crook and he try to make him a fool.

vii) The beauty of Coorg attracts visitors. Coorg is located in Karnataka.

Answer 7.(i) Hack driver is a crook, when he gets to know that the narrator is coming to summon him, he decides to make him a fool. He took him everywhere in the city and told him that he’ll help him to find Oliver.

(ii) Look at me, I have always been a very innocent girl in my village but now I have become an independent woman because I went to school and started teaching. The teacher there helped me to study and helped me to get Education. Therefore, every girl should go to school and get educated. 

(iii) Valli was the one who went on the bus alone and saw many things. She observed the environment and people, she also observed the distance and the fair of the bus and the time to go and come back. She was only 8 years old and decided to go at 1 pm when her mother was sleeping, and she calculated the distance and time and came at 4 pm. Hence, it is proved that Valli was a mature girl who was ahead of her time.

Previous year Class 10 English Answer Key Paper code: 2/1/3

Answer 3. The Director

Scaler Data science

27 April 2022

Subject- For the inquiry

Respected sir,

I’m Ankit Kumar from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I’m currently appearing for my higher secondary exams. I have heard a lot about scaler Data science, and I have been interested in pursuing data science as a degree for higher studies. I have read a lot about the institute and wanted to inquire about the eligibility criteria for a data science degree, the duration of the course, the fee structure, the scholarship program, and the placements.

Since my exams are getting over, I wanted to plan for my future in Data science. Therefore, I would like to know about the course to take the admission process further.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Ankit Kumar.

Answer 4. (a) is- are

(b) May – Do

(c) on – in

Answer 5. (a) to give her french fries and a milkshake.

(b) if she lived on junk food she would spoil her health.

Previous year’s CBSE Class 10th English Answer Key

Check CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key (Set 2) below:

Q1. Based on your reading answer any five questions from the six given below:

(i) What is Milkha Singh known as? What realization did Milkha Singh have when he was on the track during the Melbourne Olympics?

(ii) List any two of Milkha Singh’s achievements?

(iii) What strict rules and regulations did Milkha Singh follow?

(iv) State two consequences of his hard and strenuous practice.

(v) What motivated Milkha Sigh to become the best athlete in the world?

(vi) Explain the phrase ‘I would start again’ in the last sentence.


(i) Milkha Singh is known as The Flying Sikh.

When he was on the track during the Melbourne Olympics he realized the actual meaning of competition. He realized that to succeed on an international platform, he must be prepared to test his mettle against the best athletes in the world.

(ii) Two of the achievements Milkha Singh earned were:

  • The only Indian to win gold in 400 meters at the Asian Games as well as the Commonwealth Games.
  • He was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor.

(iii) Milkha Singh practiced hard to achieve his goal of becoming the best athlete in the world. He used to run 2-3 miles a day early in the morning.

(iv) His hard and strenuous practice drained out his energy leading him to vomit blood and sometimes dropping him down unconscious.

(v) The view of a packed stadium filled with cheering spectators who applauded Milkha Singh as he would cross the finishing line motivated him to become the best athlete in the world.

Q2. (i) Explain J.K. Rowling’s ‘near magical rise to fame’.

(ii) What reason did publishers give for rejecting Rowling’s book?

(iii) What was the drawback of achieving fame?

(iv) Why was Rowling outraged with the Italian dust jacket?

(v) Find a word in the last para that means the same as ‘insecure/helpless’.


(i) J.K. Rowling’s ‘near magical rise to fame’ mentions her incredible journey of becoming a famous writer.

(ii) Publishers rejected her book saying that the plot of her story was too complex.

(v) Vulnerability means the same as ‘insecure/helpless’.

Q4. Read the conversation and complete the passage that follows:

Ritika: Can I borrow your Math book for a couple of days?

Mohit: Yes certainly, I have already studied for the test tomorrow.

Ritika asked Mohit (1) ______ for a couple of days. Mohit agreed and said that (2) ______.


Ritika asked Mohit (1) if she could borrow his math book for a couple of days. Mohit agreed and said that (2) he had already studied for the test the next day.

Q5. The following paragraph has an error in each line with a blank. Write the correct and the incorrect word in the blanks provided. The first one has been done for you.

Incorrect       Correct

A first Indian woman physician  eg                           (1)       A                The

Anandibai Joshi graduated at 1886                           (2)    _____        ______

About 125 years later, Indian woman had start        (3)   _____        ______

to outnumber men in

admissions of medical colleges.                                   (4)   _____        ______


Incorrect       Correct

(2)   at                     in

(3)   start               started

(4)  of                       to

Our experts are developing answers to the remaining questions. Keep visiting this page to know the correct answers to all questions in the CBSE Class 10 English Term 2 Paper 2022.

Q6. Answer any six questions in 30-40 words each.

(i) Why are Kodavus permitted to carry firearms without a license? (Glimpses of India)

(ii) Why did Chubukov misunderstand the purpose of Lomov’s visit? (The Proposal)

(iii) As a reader do you identify with Amanda? How?

(iv) Why did everyone laugh at the realio, trulio dragon? (The Tale of Custard the Dragoon)

(v) How did Ebright get the idea of his new theory about cell life? (The Making of a Scientist)

(vi) Why was the narrator happy to go to New Mullion? (The Hack Driver)


(i) Kodavas are a martial race and have been bearing arms for 1000s of years. Firearms have actually become a part of their tradition over the years. That’s why they are allowed to carry firearms without a license.

(ii) Chubukov misunderstood that Lomov had come to borrow money because He did not clearly reveal his purpose for coming. He confused Chubukov by saying that he had come to trouble him with a request for help.





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