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CBSE Class X Practice Paper - 1 2021-22 | Term 2 ~ Goyanka Maths Study

Download the best model question papers for 2022 Term-1 and Term-2 exams for free.
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CBSE Term-2 Model Question Papers and CBSE Term-2 Subjective Sample Papers based on the newly revised syllabus for the session 2021-22 are only available here. Download the best model question papers for 2022 Term-1 and Term-2 exams for free. We at provide the best CBSE Sample Question Papers, Term 2 Model Papers and Guess Papers for free practice. Students can download CBSE latest model question papers from  and CBSE official website. There are lots of changes in CBSE question paper pattern this year.

CBSE new exam pattern and marking scheme for the session 2021-22 has many changes. These new model papers includes:

  1. SAQ - Short Answer Type Questions
  2. CBQ - Case Based Questions is the only platform where you can find the revised question papers with the complete solution. We have CBSE sample papers for class 12, class 11, class 10 and class 9 annual exams including both Term-1 MCQ and Term-2 Subjective. The model question papers and CBSE guess papers help the student to get better scores in the board exam. CBSE Students should practice Subjective Sample question papers as much as possible to get a better understanding of the concepts and to know the weak areas where you need to work a bit harder.

CBSE Term 2 Sample Papers 2021-22 for Class-10 with Solution PDF



TERM – 2

Mathematics, 041

TIME : 2 hrs.                                                                                                                                           MM. 40

General Instructions:
1. The question paper consists of 14 questions divided into 3 sections A, B, C.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Section A comprises of 6 questions of 2 marks each. Internal choice has been provided in two questions.
4. Section B comprises of 4questions of 3 marks each. Internal choice has been provided in one question.
5. Section C comprises of 4 questions of 4 marks each. An internal choice has been provided in one question. It contains two case study based questions.


Q1. Find the value(s) of k if the quadratic equation 3x2- k3x + 4 = 0 has real roots.

Q.2 In an AP of 50 terms, the sum of the first 10 terms Is 210 and the sum of its last 15 terms is 2565. Find the AP.           

Q.3 The mean and median of 100 observations are 50 and 52 respectively. The value of the largest observation is 100. It was later found that is 110 not 100. Find the true mean and median.

Q.4 Sum of the areas of two squares is 468m 2. If the difference of their perimeters is 24m, find the sides of the two squares.

Q.5 In fig., ABC is a triangle in which <B = 90,BC = 48cm, AB = 14cm. A Circle is inscribed in the triangle, whose centre is O.



From a point T outside a circle of centre O tangents TP and TQ are drawn to the circle, Prove that OT is the right bisector of line segment.

Q.6 A cylinder, a cone and a hemishpere have same base and same height. Find the ratio of their volumes.


Two cubes have their volumes in the ratio 1:27. Find the ratio of their surface areas.


Q.7 If the median of the following frequency distribution is 32.5. Find the values of x and y .





















Q.8 The angle of elevation of the top Q of a vertical tower PQ from a point X on the ground is 60. From a point Y, 40m vertically above X, the angle of elevation of the top Q of tower is 45. Find the height of the tower PQ.




From the top of a 120m high tower, a man observes two cars on the opposite sides of the tower and in straight line with the base  of tower with angles of depressions as 60 and 45. Find the distance between two cars.

Q.9 Construct a pair of tangents PQ & PR to a circle of radius 4cm from a point P outside the circle 8cm away from the centre. Measure PQ & PR.

Q.10 The mean of the following distribution is 53. Find the missing frequency P.
















Q.11 A solid cylinder of diameter 12cm and height 15cm is melted and recast into toys in the shape of a cone of radius 3cm and height 9cm. Find the number of toys so formed.


A well of diameter 4m dug 21m deep. The earth taken out of it has been spread evenly all around it in the shape of a circular ring of width 3m to form an embankment. Find the height of embankment.

Q.12 a,b and c are the sides of a right triangle, where C is the hypotenuse. A circle, of radius r, touches the sides of the triangle. Prove that r = .

Case Study -1

In a class, the teacher asks every student to write an example of A.P. Two friends Geeta and Madhuri write their progressions as –5, –2, 1, 4, … and 187, 184, 181, …. respectively. Now, the teacher asks various students of the class the following questions on these two progressions. Help students to find the answers to the questions.

Q.13 Find the 34th term of the progression written by Madhuri.

Q.14 Find the sum of common differences between the two progressions.

CASE STUDY – 2(For Figure kindly download PDF)

There are two temples on each bank of a river. One temple is 50 m high. A man, who is standing on the top of a 50 m high temple, observed from the top that the angle of depression of the top and foot of other temples are 30° and 60° respectively.

Q.15 The measure of ADF is equal to

Q.16 Width of the river is

How to use CBSE Sample Papers

CBSE provides sample question papers for practice every year 2-3 months in advance. It helps students, teachers and schools to understand the actual question paper pattern, blueprint and marking scheme. It gives an idea about the difficulty level of the question paper and weightage given to each chapter. It also provides an insight about the changes made by CBSE in any subject in terms of question paper design and number of the question being asked in the board exam. Here are some tips on how to use CBSE sample question papers for best results.

  • Study the pattern of question paper carefully and note down the major features.
  • Check the weightage given to each chapter.
  • Look for numerical questions and the chapters from these are asked.
  • Have an overview of difficulty level of the questions.
  • Now, revise your notes and check if you missed any important point.
  • If so, add it to your notes.
  • Once you have gone through the question paper, try to solve it in given time.
  • Prefer the time 10:30 am to 1-1:30 pm as it is the actual time the question paper given to you in examination hall.
  • Now get it checked by your teacher/tutor or check it yourself with the help of marking scheme given alongwith the question paper.
  • Download more such sample papers from app or website and practice them regularly.

How to learn and practice

Students usually avoid written practice. Do not take it lightly. Do practice sample question papers regularly in pen paper format. It will not only help you to review your writing speed but also accelerate the retention process. You will be able to remember the answers for the longer time if you write twice and thrice by our own.

  1. Take your own test in writing
  2. Review your mistakes
  3. Learn and revise the weak topics
  4. Take the test again sample papers and test papers are available for download in website. CBSE sample papers can also be downloaded from CBSE official website 

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