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CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Exam 2021: Experts review question paper, share answer key here

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CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 question paper was said to be 'expectedly lenghty' but easy. Check CBSE Class 10 English question paper and answer key as shared by experts, student feedback and other updates here.

CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Question Paper, Answwer Key  |

Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 2022 examination was conducted today, effectively ending the Class 10 board exams for all major subjects. A few minor subject exams are left which would also conclude within a week. As for today’s exam, students and experts have shared feedback on the difficulty level and the answer key. Check CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Exam 2021 question paper and answer key below.

CBSE Answer Key for Set 4 Series 1 and 2 have also been provided. Students may note that for question number 8 for series 2 of set 4, two options are correct. Experts have pointed out that in case the student has selected either, he/she woudl be awarded marks for the same. Check the CBSE Answer Key for English Class 10 question paper provided below. 

CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2021: QP Code 002/1/4

CBSE Class 10 English Answer Key 2021: QP Code 002/2/4

CBSE Class 10 English Term 1 Exam 2021-22: Student reaction, expert review of question paper

CBSE Class 10 English paper was said to be lengthy but ‘easy’. The question paper had 60 questions and internal choices. Students had to attempt a total of 50 questions. The paper was for 40 marks.

Students found the paper ‘expectedly lengthy’ but easy. “The paper was lengthy, too much to read but overall it was an easy paper. The literature section was easy but Section A was a bit confusing. I was still able to finish the paper well in time,” Shivaansh, a class 10 student shared.

Another friend agree on the length of the paper and a few questions as confusing but choices helped. “It was an easy paper. I am just happy that my exams are done now,” she smiled.

Teachers who have gone through the question paper have called it ‘moderately balanced.” “It was a relatively easy paper but students are bound to make a few mistakes. The passages were lengthy, which makes it easier to make mistakes. However, out of 50 questions, if chosen wisely, an average child should be able to easily get about 35 to 40 questions right. An average score of 26 – 30 is what I am expecting,” shared Ms. Madhu.

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