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CBSE Board Exam 2021-2022: Know Importance of CBSE Sample Papers for Scoring High Marks

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CBSE Sample Papers 2021-2022 for Class 10th, 12th Term 1 Exams will be released very soon. This article will help you know how to use sample papers for our bard exam preparations and how important are the sample papers for scoring good marks in exams.


Importance of sample paper for students

CBSE Board Examinations (Term 1) for Classes 10th and 12th will be conducted in November-December. The board is about to release the sample papers for the MCQ-based exam any time in the month of August. Generally, students have some common queries about the sample papers like, Are the sample papers really helpful for board exams? How are these sample papers useful for board exam preparations? Actually, the board exams are really important for all students of CBSE class 10 and class 12, as their results in these exams play a major role in deciding their prospective carrier. So, students are quite anxious about their performance in the exams.

Here, we discuss the benefits of CBSE sample papers for students and why every student should take help of sample papers to get good marks in the board exams:-

1. Removes Exam Stress and Fear – Practicing CBSE sample papers gives you an idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the exam and so students can prepare well enough.

➤ The sample paper is based on the actual question paper format which helps students in getting an overview of the paper pattern including the type of questions like short or long answer type questions, mostly asked topics, marks distribution, etc.

➤ With sample papers, students can practice better to prepare for the exam and consequently, they are relieved from exam pressure and nervousness.

2. Helps in Preparation Analysis – CBSE sample papers are based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the board and have questions based on most of the important topics from the course.

➤ Brief solutions/ marking schemes are also available with the sample papers which help students in analysing their preparation for the exam.

➤ When students practice with lots of sample papers, they come across repetitive topics and questions asked in past years' exams.

➤ Accordingly, students can prepare well for the most frequently asked questions, important questions carrying high marks.

➤ Moreover, students should first solve the sample papers and then cross-check with the solutions or marking schemes to get an analysis

3. Helps in Revision – You have covered your complete syllabus for the exam, but how will you be able to analyse your preparation for each topic? You can check your preparation with sample papers that include questions from each topic in different sections.

Solve as many sample papers as possible to cover each topic from the syllabus

4. Gives an Idea of Marking Scheme – For students of class 10 and class 12, it is very important to know about the marking scheme as decided by the CBSE Board.

Knowing the marking scheme of the board exam helps in preparing accordingly and students can focus on questions and topics carrying more weightage.

5. Enhances Self Confidence – Sample papers help students analyse their strengths and weaknesses so that they can focus on weak areas to improve their results.

➤ When students work on improving their weaker sections, they perform better with practicing sample papers.

➤ This enhances their confidence and they do their best to get good marks.

➤ Also, not just weaknesses, students can also practice their strong sections with sample papers to increase their marks.   

6. Improves Speed and Accuracy – As students practice and solve a good number of sample papers, they improve their speed of solving questions and also, with regular practice their mistakes get less and they solve questions to get the correct answer.

When students cover each section, topics and questions (repetitive in exams), they spend less time on such questions in the exam and hence, complete their paper in time which is also beneficial as they can cross-check their answer sheets and look for any wrong attempts.

Conclusion: ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ - sample papers help you in making this a reality. As you practice more and more sample papers for CBSE Board or other state board exams, you can eliminate chances of attempting wrong questions. Therefore, with speed and accuracy, you can confidently appear for the exam and score good marks.

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