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Study Tips By CBSE Toppers for 2021 Board Exam Preparation | CBSE Board |

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Learn and apply toppers’ success formulae for your 2022 board exams

Important tips and strategies for board exam preparation are available here. In this article, you will find important study tips given by UP and CBSE board exam toppers. These study tips are important for the students preparing for 2022 board exams.

Learn and apply toppers’ success formula for your 2019 board exams
Learn and apply toppers’ success formula for your 2019 board exams

Important tips and strategies for the preparation of CBSE 10th and 12th board exam 2022 are available here. After going through various interview videos of 10th and 12th board exam toppers, we have learned the techniques which these toppers followed while preparing for the board exam.

In this article, we have provided board exam toppers tips for study. Any student can follow these UP & CBSE toppers tips to score well in UP and CBSE board exams 2022.

(1) Don’t try to study for long hours

Aditya Jain, 3rd topper of CBSE Class 12 board exam 2017 pointed out that studying for long hours will not help much & you will get stressed if you will study 10 – 12 hours a day. However, if one will study for short durations with concentration then he or she can easily score well in CBSE Class 12 board exams.

Aditya told the interviewer that he used to set a target for every day and every night he checked whether he had finished that target or not. Aditya used to study 5 - 6 hours besides tuitions and school.

Students who are not in a habit to study for long hours can take small breaks while studying. The most important thing is whatever you study must study with concentration.

(2) Solve as many sample papers as you can:

The 2nd topper of CBSE Class 12 board exam 2017, Bhumi Sawant pointed out that she faced a lot of problems while preparing for CBSE Class 12 board exam 2017. But, with the support of parents and help of teachers, things became easy.

She had solved a lot of CBSE sample papers and practice papers before the exams. After solving sample papers she was quite sure about her success. According to her, she was quite sure that she will score above 95% marks but didn’t expect 99.4% marks.

Practice is the key to success. No matter how much you study, you can’t score well in board exam until and unless you have not practiced with pen and paper before appearing for the exam. Therefore, it is important that you must solve as many sample papers as you can before appearing for the actual exam.

 (3) Solve Previous Year Board Exam Papers (at least 10 years)

During an interview, UP Board Class 12th topper (2016 board exam) Somuya Patel told the interviewer that solving previous year papers boosted her level of preparation.

When you will go through previous year papers, you will find that some concepts are frequently asked in board exams, every year.

You need to track such important concepts from every chapter and go through them as they might be asked again in 2018 board exam.

If students are lucky then they may get the exact same question in 2018 board exam from previous year papers. Therefore, besides sample paper, students should also solve previous years’ papers.

(4) Revision is extremely important

Study tips by CBSE Board Exam 2018: Toppers' Tips for Study

Most of the board exam toppers lay special emphasis on revision. After you study or learn any topic it is important that you must revise that topic frequently.

During last few months before board exams, revision is more important than studying anything new. For revision purpose, you can also take help of study material prepared by experts at Jagran Josh from the links given below.

(5) Avoid unnecessary tension and focus on doing well

During an interview, CBSE 2017 board exam’s topper Raksha Gopal (99.6%) told interviewers that while preparing for Class 12 board exam her focus was not to secure top grades but to do well in CBSE board exams. So, she focused well on her subjects and solved as many papers as she could. It is important that students should focus on doing well in each and every exam.


In this article, you must have observed that nearly all toppers lay emphasis on revision and practice. It is important that students must solve 5 to 10 previous year papers and at least 5 sample papers of all the subjects.

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