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Some Maths Preparation Books Recommended | For Classes 10th & 12th |

Best Maths Preparation Books For Board Preparation
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  |Maths Preparation Books Recommended |       || For Classes 10th |                          

CBSE New Pattern 15 Sample Paper Mathematics Class 10 (Standard) for 2021 || Exam with reduced Syllabus Paperback – 28 October 2020||

by Vicky Sain Amit Rastogi (Author)

"1. Based on the new pattern prescribed by CBSE on 9th October 2020 2. Prepared according to reduced syllabus 3. Qualifying Ro

und at beginning to brush up the concepts 4. The book is divided into stages; I, II, III, for logical and stepwise practice 5. Fully solved latest CBSE Sample Paper and 2020 Paper for revision 6. A separate Paper to track your progress one day before exam. This year has been a testing time for each of us, with School closure since March students are continued to be in their homes. Now more than ever Sample Paper becomes of paramount importance for better preparation of subjects with the recent changes directed by the Board. The all new edition of I Succeed of 15 sample Question papers series is prepared for classes 9-12 as per CBSE latest reduced syllabus issued on 9th October 2020. It helps in realizing the weak points, silly mistakes and focuses on enhancing the preparation for the exam. “i succeed 15 Sample Question papers Mathematics for Class 10” is prepared exactly on the lines of the assigned syllabus. The fast Track Revision is given right in the beginning of the book to brush up the concepts. The entire books provides practice material into stages; I, II, III for step by step upgradation. Where stage I consists of 5 sample Question papers with their solutions, stage II is only provided with their answers and lastly stage III has all unsolved question papers. A separate practice paper is given ‘one day before exam’ to polish concepts. Fully solved latest CBSE Sample Paper & 2020 PAPER and online Support is given for Unsolved Papers provided in stage III. Qualifying Round, stage I: question- Answer (1-5), stage II: Question-Answers (6-10), stage III: unsolved papers (11-15), solutions to Qualifying Round, CBSE examination paper 2020, Latest CBSE Sample Paper, one day before exam." .



20 Plus CBSE Sample Papers Mathematics (Standard) Class 10 (2020-21) Examination [Print Replica] Kindle Edition

20 Plus CBSE Sample Papers Mathematics (Standard) Class 10 (2020-21) Examination


Educart CBSE Maths Class 10 Question Bank (Reduced Syllabus) for 2021 Paperback – 24 August 2020

by Educart  (Author)

Educart Mathematics Standard CBSE Class 10 Question Bank for reduced (new) syllabus 2021 is the first complete self-prep book in India prepared for students in these testing times of COVID-19. This book covers everything a student would need to prepare for the upcoming board exams without much dependency on offline teaching as it focuses on the basics and covers most questions.

The key features of the book are covered below:

1. Objective Section Maps: An Educart exclusive for 2021, these objective section maps are created to help you better know the main formula’s and methods before the start of each chapter.

2. Questions: Our questions are compiled by CBSE experts using all possible CBSE sources, both chapter-wise and sectionwise -
- New objective questions of all types
- CBSE papers from 2010 to 2020
- NCERT and NCERT Exemplar plus
- Diksha Platform selected best questions.
With all of this included, the question paper for 2021 will most likely come from this question bank!

3. Solutions: It does not matter whether the question is a Multiple ChoiceTrue False or VSA. Our solutions provide relevant detailed solution to explain each step crisply (strictly within NCERT reduced syllabus) so you can prepare without even a need of textbook



  |Maths Preparation Books Recommended By Us |                                || For Classes 12th |                          

CBSE Mathematics Chapterwise Solved Paper Class 12 for 2021 Exam Paperback – 24 August 2020

"1.Cbse chapter wise is an absolute manual for the preparation for class 12th boards> 2.Cbse Chapter-wise Solved Papers Mathematics helps to track the paper pattern.<Br> 3.This book includes 13 chapters covering the entire syllabus
4.11 Previous years’ solved (2020-2010) in a chapter wise manner for practice
5.Exercises like: fill in the blanks, CBSE examination 2020, Latest Sample Paper and more for the complete revision of concepts</br>

hard work is all you need to excel the examination, but as you proceed towards examination day working smart should be complementary to your hard.</br>
As CBSE changes its pattern every year It is very necessary for the students to keep up with the track and the effective way of doing this to collect the previous years’ solved papers that helps to analyze the pattern that gives an absolute idea that what you should study for the exam that helps in scoring good marks.</br>
The current edition of chapter wise Mathematics for Class XII has been designed for the students who are going to sit in the forthcoming Board exams. This book is divided into 13 chapters covering the entire syllabus of Mathematics and 11 Previous years’ solved (2020-2010) in a chapter wise manner. At the end of the book, It is enriched with couple of Sample Papers, various other practice exercises that help in strengthening the concepts of the chapters. Following the latest exam pattern, This book is of great importance that will help you to rank in your upcoming examination.</br> <portable of content</br> <correlation and functions, Inverse Trigonometry functions, matrices, Determinants, continuity and Differentiability, applications of Derivatives, Integrals, application of Integrals, differential equations, Vector Algebra, Three Dimensional Geometry, linear programming, probability, fill in the blanks, CBSE examination paper 2020 (All India & Delhi), latest Sample Paper, Sample Question papers (based on revised syllabus).


Oswaal CBSE Sample Question Paper Class 12 Mathematics Book (Reduced Syllabus for 2021 Exam) Paperback – 4 November 2020

Exam targeted, 5 Solved & 5 self-assessment papers with hints all cbse-specified typologies of Questions perfect answers with Board Marking scheme and specified word limit polish concepts with ‘answering Tips’ avoid mistakes with ‘commonly Made Errors’ learn more with ‘ mind Maps’ clarify doubts with ‘Oswaal grammar charts’(only in English) quick revision with QR codes on mobiles/tablets.

Note :- Not Forced To Purchase!!!

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